what is put call sentiment inde

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The Put-Call Option Ratio is an excellent measure of current bullish/bearish sentiment in the market. Whenever the crowd gets overly bullish or bearish, odds favor the market heading in the opposite direction. Note that this ratio is compiled from index puts and calls, not the equity options.

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what is put call sentiment inde
Put/call ratio (or put–call ratio, PCR) is a technical indicator demonstrating investors sentiment. The ratio represents a proportion between all the put options and all the call options purchased on any given day.

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The Put/Call Ratio can be used to assess bullishness or bearishness in stocks, indexes or both.

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Equity Indices. Markets. Trade Ideas Put/call ratio as a guide to market sentiment: the S&P 500 case On 23 November 2014 by BSIC. Market volatility has increased

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The ISEE Sentiment Index is a unique call/put ratio that only uses opening long customer transactions to calculate bullish/bearish market direction. Opening long transactions are thought to best represent market sentiment because investors often buy call and put options to express their actual market view of a particular stock.